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Where does the 'First Dance' come from?

I have always wondered where the first dance has come from?

It’s a strange thing, two people standing before their friends and family and showcasing something they have never ever thought of doing before!

Is it a tradition? Is it an expectancy? Or is it ‘just what you do’ when you get married?

I decided to look into it and understand where this ‘tradition’ came from.

If we go WAY,WAY,WAY back, it is thought that the first dance originated from ancient times when a man took a bride by literally stealing her, she was hunted down and kidnapped and the poor woman would become the object of his desires! (Thank goodness times have changed).

The male felt quite proud of his new trophy and wanted to showcase his new ‘bride’. He would march his catch round and round the fire in front of friends and clansmen before the celebratory partying would begin. This was not a romantic opportunity to connect with his new partner, it was purely ‘instinctual’ where the male would be sexually charged to claim a partner for procreation.

Times then quickly changed (only millions of years later) when Kings and Queens and royalty had 'A first dance' which was used to open a ball or special event.

It was always led by a guest of honour or someone high up the social ladder. It was the grand opening for the ball, and the royals would sit from afar and guests would surround the ballroom floor.

It has now evolved into a tradition in our modern-day wedding. Both pre and post wartime, ballroom dancing was a skill that many people had. It was even a part of the educational system. Because ballroom dance was a known skill, many bride and grooms used Waltz, or a ballroom dance style, for their First Dance. Dance was a large part of society and peoples lives. Many relationships were formed at ‘dances’, gentleman would escort their ladies to social dances and dancing bars. Partner dancing was the norm and sadly over the years this lovely 'every day' activity was lost.

Over the last 15 years dancing has become more and more included in ‘normal’ everyday lives. Programs such as ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ ‘So you think you can dance’ and more recent ‘Dance Dance Dance’ has spurred people to start learning and being interested in the art form.

The First Dance has now evolved, and spotlights a romantic interaction with newly married couples. Whether swaying slowly to Eric Claptons ‘Wonderful tonight’ or performing an energetic rendition of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s ‘Baby got Back’ more importantly, the meaning behind the First Dance is simple, It is a loving, visual representation of the commitment the couple has made to lead and to follow one another in their new lifelong dance together.

So, thankfully traditions have changed and the decision to take some time in creating the perfect 'First Dance' can be so special. If you are in two minds of committing to sessions, get in touch and we will guide you through the process! No stress, lots of fun, taken at your pace!

Thanks for reading!

More blogs coming soon....What songs to choose? Why do a first dance?

Please visit for lots of information regarding first dances and wedding dance services!

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