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Christmas Crash Course

First Dance Lessons

Are you getting married over christmas and the New Year?

Are you dreading your first dance?

Your first dance should be another part of your wedding to be considered. The 3 or 4 mins you choose to stand opposite each other are one of the few moments you have together on your wedding day!! Crazy isn't it! You get married and don't see your spouse!!

The first dance is widely dreaded by most couples but it really shouldn't be, if you can free up a small amount of time, The Wedding Dance Company can offer stress free crash courses from the comfort of your home.

These sessions are to purely relieve you from the stress of dreading this moment! We can offer you some simple structure and movement together, alongside some confidence boosting tips!!!

Having a first dance lesson can literally turn a couple from dreading their first dance to not being able to wait to have the moment together.

We offer lots of advice regarding music options, music editing, guidance on timings and how to approach your first dance in the venue you have chosen. Pending on your location we even can arrange the lesson to be at your venue, so that you are comfortable in the space prior to your big day.

If you are considering lessons, get in touch and we will do all we can to help you!

Thanks for taking the time to read and we look forward to hear from you,

The Wedding Dance Company

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