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Live music for your first dance is a good idea, isn't it?

We spend a lot of time and interest in understanding your vision for your first dance and we ask lots of questions about your day to ensure that moment is seamless. During the booking process, we ask if the first dance song is being played live or by a DJ. It's an important question because with both options there are considerations when planning and practising your first dance.

Choosing live music for your first dance at a wedding can be a wonderful and memorable experience, but it also comes with its own set of issues to consider. We thought we would share both the pros and cons of having your song played live and some possible considerations.




  1. Live music can add a unique and emotional touch to your first dance. The live performance can evoke strong emotions and create a more intimate atmosphere.

  2. You may have the option to adapt the arrangement to suit your preferences.

  3. Live music brings a level of authenticity to the moment. The sounds and nuances of live instruments can enhance the overall experience and make it more special.

  4. A live performance can entertain not only the couple but also the wedding guests. It adds a live element to the event, making it more engaging for everyone present.

  5. Having a live band or musician play during your first dance can create a lasting memory. It's a unique and special touch that you and your guests are likely to remember.



  1. Live music, especially from professional musicians or bands, can be more expensive than playing a recorded song. This can strain your wedding budget, especially if you have other significant expenses.

  2. Before booking your band, check that they can play your chosen first dance song. You do not want to book a band and find that your song is not part of their repertoire.

  3. While live music is wonderful, remember live instruments and vocals will sound differently from the original version. Therefore, when it comes to performing your first dance be prepared it will not sound the same.

  4. The tempo of the track may fluctuate from the original version. If opting for live music for your first dance, keeping the tempo as close to the original as possible is essential. You do not want the song to be slower or quicker than what you have practised.

  5. Live bands or musicians may require more space than a DJ or a recorded song setup. This can be a logistical challenge, especially if your venue has limited space.



Ultimately, the decision to have live music for your first dance depends on your preferences, budget, and the overall theme and atmosphere you want for your wedding. Both live music and a DJ come with considerations and one is not better than the other, you should choose what aligns best with your vision for your special day.

We hope you find this helpful,

Thanks for reading, TWDC


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