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Can a DJ make or break your wedding?

DJ desk at a wedding party

The answer is Yes! The Wedding Dance Company (TWDC) have had the pleasure of working with wedding venues, vendors and couples for nearly 15 yrs and we believe choosing the right DJ for your wedding is one of the most important elements of your big day.

When planning a wedding, the focus is always on the perfect venue, outfits, and vendors such as photographers. While these are essential in creating your dream day, prioritising a good DJ is sometimes overlooked. It's natural to think that they are only there to play some music at the reception, but this isn’t right, they do so much more.

Live music (as lovely as it is) can drain the budget, therefore a lot of couples opt to have a DJ throughout the day.  A DJ now goes from having a small part of your day to being one of the main elements. Without careful consideration, a poor DJ can destroy the mood, atmosphere and all the time and energy you have put into planning your perfect day. This means it’s really important to book the right DJ and ask questions.

A great DJ plays a crucial role in the success of a wedding by contributing to the overall atmosphere and enjoyment of the day.  More importantly, the First Dance is a pivotal moment and sets the tone for the rest of the reception so you must discuss your plan making sure the DJ understands what your vision is.


Points to discuss with your DJ:

  1. It's helpful if the DJ knows in advance what point of the night your first dance will be.

  2. The chosen first dance song or version needs to be shared with them.

  3. If you need a track editing or mixing with another track, make sure you arrange this with the DJ well in advance of your wedding day.

  4. Confirm if you plan to dance to the full song or if you would like your guests to join you.

  5. If the guests are joining you on the dancefloor, provide a time stamp from the chosen song. This helps the DJ announce at the right point of the first dance. The last thing you need is guests running to the dancefloor when you haven’t finished your dance (it happens!)

  6. Finally, confirm if you would like to segue straight into your floor-filler track, and if so, what is the chosen song? If unsure, the DJ can make recommendations.

With this information, the DJ can ensure that the chosen song is cued up and ready to play at the right moment.

A great DJ should ask these questions and if they don’t make sure you discuss these points with them.

What does a DJ bring to a wedding?

DJ at a party

A great DJ is a necessity at any event or wedding, they:

Set the Mood: A skilled DJ can set the right mood for different parts of the wedding, from the ceremony to the reception. They can create a romantic and solemn atmosphere during the ceremony and then transition to a lively and celebratory mood for the reception. Ask what sort of music they would recommend, or if there are specific choices share this with them.

Provide an Entertainment Factor: A wedding DJ is responsible for keeping the guests entertained throughout the wedding. A good DJ should be able to read the crowd and play music that appeals to a diverse audience, ensuring that everyone has a good time.

Ensure Smooth Transitions: A professional DJ can seamlessly transition between different parts of the wedding, such as the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing. This ensures that there are no awkward pauses or disruptions in the flow of the event.

Customise the event: A good DJ will work closely with the couple to understand their musical preferences and create a playlist that reflects their taste. They can also work with the couple to create a unique mix or arrangement for their first dance if desired, adding a personal touch to the moment. On the night, they can also take requests from guests, adding a personal touch to the music selection.

Manage Energy Levels: Weddings typically have different phases with varying energy levels. A skilled DJ knows when to play slow songs for romantic moments, up-tempo music for dancing, and everything in between, ensuring that the energy of the event is well-managed.

Are Technical Experts: A professional DJ is experienced in using audio equipment and has the technical expertise to ensure that the sound quality is excellent. The first dance is a special and intimate moment, and the quality of the sound is crucial. A professional DJ ensures that the sound system is set up properly to deliver clear and high-quality music during this important part of the wedding.

Create the Atmosphere: The DJ contributes to the overall atmosphere of the first dance by adjusting the lighting and choosing any accompanying effects that may enhance the experience. This can include special lighting effects or even fog machines to add a touch of magic to the moment.

Adapt to the Crowd: During the first dance, the DJ pays attention to the mood of the guests. If the couple prefers a private moment, the DJ can fade out the song at the appropriate time. If the couple wants to involve the guests, the DJ may invite others to join in after a certain point. It helps the DJ if the couple communicate clearly what they would like to happen.

Similarly, once the reception gets going, a good DJ can adapt to the preferences of the crowd in real-time. They can gauge the reactions of the guests and adjust the music accordingly to keep the dance floor lively and enjoyable.

Transition to the Dance Party: After the first dance, the DJ typically transitions into the dancing portion of the reception. They play music that encourages guests to join the dance floor, maintaining the energy and excitement of the celebration. The couple should share ideas or themes if they want a specific genre or style of music played.

Coordinate with the Couple: The DJ should work closely with the couple to understand their vision for the first dance and the overall reception. This collaboration ensures that the DJ can deliver an experience that aligns with the couple's expectations.

Coordinate with Other Vendors: The DJ also often collaborates with other wedding vendors, such as photographers and event planners, to ensure smooth coordination and timing of various elements of the wedding.

Create Lasting Memories: The music played at a wedding can create lasting memories for the couple and their guests. A good DJ can contribute to the overall positive experience and make the event memorable for everyone.


In summary, a good DJ is more than just someone who plays music. They are an essential part of the wedding team, responsible for creating a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere and managing the flow of the event. We know that the first dance is a pivotal moment at a wedding, and the DJ plays a central role in ensuring that it is a special and memorable experience for the couple and their guests. From song selection to creating the right atmosphere, the DJ's contributions are integral to the success of the first dance and the overall celebration.


We hope you find this useful,

Thanks for reading, TWDC


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